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By Tracy McCormick, 11/08/16, 9:45AM PST


New to LMNLL or New to Little League? Get your questions answered here

If your family is new to La Mesa National, or new to Little League in general, here are some FAQ's to help you get started....

Who can play for La Mesa National Little League?

Little League International requires that a player reside within league boundaries to be eligible to play for LMNLL. However, If a player resides outside of the boundaries BUT they attend a qualified school, (see list of qualified schools below) they are eligible to play for LMNLL.

Please follow this link to see if your address is within LMNLL boundaries.

If your residence is not within LMNLL  boundaries, BUT your child attends one of the schools listed below they are eligible to play for LMNLL.

Qualifying Schools within our boundaries

Lemon Avenue Elementary

Murdock Elementary

College Preparatory Middle

Warren Walker (La Mesa Campus)

National University Academy's Sparrow Program

What Ages can play for LMNLL?

Players "League Age" 4 -12 are eligible to play. Here is a link to the Little League Age Determination Chart. It has an explanation of how they determine player’s age and you can follow the chart  to figure out your child's "League Age"

What divisions are offered at La Mesa National?

Majors - Shall consist primarily of players league age 11 and 12. A 12 year old MUST be drafted to the Majors division. A player league age 10 can play in the Majors division at the Player Agents discretion and MUST meet the following criteria… Have attended the Majors assessment and MUST be drafted no later than the sixth round of the Majors draft. Any player age 10 or 11 not selected to a Majors team will be placed in the Minors draft

Minors - Shall consist primarily of players league age 9 and 10. A player league age 8 can play in  the Minors division at the Player Agents discretion and MUST meet the following criteria.... Have attended the Minors division assessment and must be drafted no later than the sixth round of the Minors draft. Any players not selected to the Minors division will be placed in the Caps draft.

Caps - Machine Pitch/Player Pitch. Shall consist primarily of players league age 7 and 8.

Rookies - Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch. Shall consist of players league age 6 and 7. Players must have played one year of Tee Ball previously. A player league age 5 may request to play Rookies, but MUST be approved by the Player Agent.

Tee Ball - Tee/Coach Pitch. Will consist of players who are mostly league age 4 and 5.

What division is right for my player?

Our Player Agents determine at what level each child will play. There are two determining factors we consider for every player. League age and safety. Safety for the individual player as well as all other players within the division. Before every season we will hold player assessments. Players are grouped together by their league age and will perform a series of pre determined skills with their peers. Once everyone is assessed the player agents will meet to discuss any concerns before the team drafts begin.

How do I sign my son/daughter up to play for LMNLL?

Once you have determined that your player is eligible to play at LMNLL you must create an account through Sports Engine. Follow this link for instructions.    -  

Once you have registered an account with Sports Engine, you can register online or at one of our walk up registration nights. You will be required to provide (3) proofs of residence. If you do not live within our boundaries you will be required to provide a signed school enrollment form. Should you not provide proper documentation, your player will not be allowed to play. Here is the description from Little League International as to what documents qualify.

Once registered, what equipment does my player need?

LMNLL will provide your player with a jersey and a hat. The league will also provide catchers equipment and baseballs to each team.

Your player will be required to have a glove, baseball bat, athletic supporter, batting helmet and cleats. Players are also required to have practice/game pants and belts. Players can wear any color practice pant HOWEVER, the color of game pants and game belts will be chosen by the team manager once uniforms have been decided.

Who do I contact?

Please follow this link.

As a parent how can I get involved to help better our league?

VOLUNTEER!!!!! LMNLL is ran 100% by volunteers. Yes, you read that right, NO ONE gets paid. The Board of Directors work the entire year to keep our league going. 

WE ALWAYS NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!! Here are some of the many different ways you can help...

Board of Directors - The Board meets once a month Sept - June. You are required to attend each meeting as well as any event we host. Here are a list of some of the positions that Little League International requires and their job description. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors please contact the League President at

Committees - We have several committees that don't require as much time throughout the year as the Board of Directors does but are equally as important.  Fields, Concessions, and Events are just some of the committees. If you would like to become a committee member please contact the League President at

Fields - Before anyone can play or volunteer we must have our fields in good shape and be safe for our kids play on. We have (5) fields to maintain, Kuhlken Field is home to our Majors division and located at 4900 Memorial Dr. The other 4 fields are located at Lemon Avenue Elementary School and are home to T Ball, Rookies, Caps and Minors. Fields are something that we must take care of and maintain year round. Unfortunately it is the area we have the most difficult time getting volunteers.  If you would like to help with our fields, please contact the League President at

Manager/Coach - Every team requires (1) Manager and (2) Coaches. Little League International's description for Manager/Coach...

If you would like to volunteer as Manager or Coach please contact the league Coaching Coordinator at

Team Parent - Every team must have (1-2) team parent/s. Their role is to work with the team manager to help communicate to the team. They also need to work with the manager to get volunteer positions filled. Each team is required a certain number of snack bar shifts as well as providing help with field prep/clean up. For the Caps, Minors and Majors divisions each team is also required to provide a scorekeeper and pitch counter for every game. 

Administration - We are always in need of help with everything happening behind the scenes. Those include website development and updating and league communications.