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League Rules

These local league rules are intended as a supplement to the Little League Baseball Operating Manual and Official Regulations and Playing Rules. League officials, managers, coaches, and volunteers shall adhere to these local rules in addition to the LL Rules.  


The Accident Claim form must be completed by parents (if claimant is under 19 years of age) and a league official, and forwarded to Little League Headquarters within 20 days after the accident. See instructions for help completing this form.

The responsibility for safety is that of every adult member of La Mesa National Little League. The procedures in this manual are for the safety of every player and adult in this league. Safety will be a priority and never an afterthought. We believe that safe play will always be fun play. Anyone not abiding by these procedures will be removed from his or her position. 

CDC Concussion Training - Heads Up

Managers, Coaches, and Volunteers working with players on the field need to be "Heads Up" certified.

Required Documents for Play with La Mesa National

In order to demonstrate residency, one document from EACH group MUST be presented every spring for players that reside within our boundaries. If you have been previously certified for post-season tournament play (All-Stars) and your information has not changed, you do not need to present any residency documentation. 

For those players that reside either inside or outside of our boundaries and attend one of the following schools:  Lemon Avenue Elementary, Murdock Elementary, Warren-Walker (La Mesa Campus), JCS Manzanita, or National University Academy's Sparrow Charter - a School Enrollment Form may be submitted in lieu of the three residency documents.  The document must be signed by the Principal, Dean or Headmaster of the School.  School forms are kept on file by the league and must be turned in during document collection. 

In all cases, an original or certified copy of a Player's Birth Certificate must be provided to the league for inclusion with the residency documents.


(The following is a more detailed explanation of the above)

“Residence,” “reside” and “residing” refers to a place of bona fide continuous habitation. A place of residence once established shall not be considered changed unless the parents, parent or guardian makes a bona fide change of residence. Residence shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name, street address, city, state and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, (previous year) and February 1, (current year), from one or more documents from each of the three Groups outlined below:

1. Driver’s License
2. School records
3.Vehicle records (i.e.,
    registration, lease, etc.)
4. Employment records
5. Insurance documents

1. Welfare/child care records
2. Federal records (Federal Tax,
Social Security, etc.)
3. State records
4. Local (municipal) records
5. Support payment records
6. Homeowner or tenant records
7. Military records

1. Voter’s Registration
2. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/
sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating,
waste disposal)
3. Financial records (i.e. loan, credit,
investments, etc.)
4. Medical records
5. Internet, cable, or satellite

NOTE: Example – Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill, and bank statement) constitute only ONE document. Any documents submitted as proof of residence must show customary usage or consumption to demonstrate bona fide continuous habitation as determined by Little League Baseball, Incorporated in its discretion.


Every attempt should be made to register online.  You do not need to submit your documents at the time of registration, but you must bring this to a document review event as announced by the league. 

Medical releases and Parent Code of Conduct are completed as a part of the online application.  No offline applications are accepted.  Prior to the start of the season, you will be asked to sign copies of these documents by your team's Manager.  


All volunteers who will provide a "regular service to the league" and/or "have repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams" must submit a volunteer application each calendar year. A background check must be performed by a league official and candidate cleared prior to volunteer participation.  These requests are no longer handled via paper forms - it is 100% online.  This is for everyone's security.  If you wish to volunteer, and have not been sent a link to complete a background check application, please email for more information. 


Every volunteer must re-apply each year.  The Background Check process takes less than fifteen minutes.

Financial Assistance

La Mesa National Little League believes that every child should have the opportunity to play baseball regardless of financial hardship. We offer a payment plan or scholarship program. Please contact our Treasurer for further assistance: