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Spring Season registration is now Open!!


If your division shows having a waitlist, please continue to signup.  We are in the process getting coach commitments and plan to expand our numbers before the end registration date

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.



Registration Fees vary depending on the season and what division your player is playing in.  Fees range from $100 - $250.  Early registration is usually given a discount, so be sure to signup early! 

The fees cover the costs associated with playing the regular season, which includes uniform shirts, maintenance costs, background check fees, administration costs, etc.  

The registration fees do not cover some equipment costs.   The equipment that the League provides vs the equipment you are expected to purchase can be found on the Equipment Page.


La Mesa National Little League offers 5 divisions of baseball.  

DivisionLeague Age
T-Ball4-5 year old
Rookies6 years old
Caps7-8 years old
Minors9-10 years old
Majors11-12 years old


League Age for the above chart is determined by each players birthday.  The following chart below can be used to determine your player's League Age for Little League baseball.  Find your players birth year and birth month in the chart below.  Once found, follow the row over to the righthand column labeled "Age."  This is your player's Baseball League Age.  

League Age Chart Image


Registration is simple and straight-forward, with just a few steps that you should be aware.  Below is an overview of the registration process.

Step 1  Check League BoundariesLittle League player eligibility is determined by your residence or the school your player attends. First thing is to check if your residency is within the La Mesa National Little League boundaries. 
Step 2 Signup via WebEach season has a registration period. You can signup via the web registration process where your information will be collected along with your fees.
Step 3 Document VerificationIn addition to the registration information provided in the web signup, we are required to also collect documents that verify your residency. Once you are registered via Step 2, the League will be in contact with you to discuss how/when these documents will be verified.



Little League is organized by boundary maps that determine which League your player is eligible to participate. A player may become eligible to play for La Mesa National Little League in either one of the following two ways:


Residency must be located
within league boundaries. 

Must Provide 3 Forms of Residency

*See Details Below for more information
If your player attends one of the following schools listed below they may use a School Enrollment Waiver to qualify to play in LMNLL:

Lemon Elementary 8787 Lemon Ave, La Mesa, CA 91941 
Murdock Elementary4354 Conrad Dr, La Mesa, CA 91941
(La Mesa Campus)
5150 Wilson St. La Mesa, CA 91942
National University
Academy's Sparrow Charter
 4207 Spring Gardens Road, La Mesa, CA 91941

You will need to download the School Enrollment Form and have it signed by your School's authorized faculty and returned to LMNLL during Assessments/Documentation Day.

You Must Be Eligible via OPTION #1 or OPTION #2 to play in LMNLL.



You may use the Little League Finder tool to determine whether your current residency is located within the La Mesa National Little League borders.  Use the link below to access the boundary map:

Little League Boundary Finder Tool  - Must return LA MESA NATIONAL LL for your address

IF Finder Tool Returned   ACTION
 THEN ->Continue reading below regarding Residency Documentation Requirement
DID NOT return
THEN ->Proceed to School Waiver Option.  You may use this option even if your residency is within LA MESA NATIONAL LL boundaries as returned by the tool listed above.

Residency Documentation Requirement

“Residence,” “reside” and “residing” refers to a place of bona fide continuous habitation. A place of residence once established shall not be considered changed unless the parents, parent or guardian makes a bona fide change of residence.

A player will be deemed to reside within the league boundaries if they can provide ALL three (3) forms of documentation listed below for a residence that resides within the La Mesa National LL boundary border.  One form of documentation from each of the Three (3) groups listed below must be provided.  Residence shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name, street address, city, state and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, (previous year) and February 1, (current year).  Documents may be uploaded during the registration process or  collected at Assessments/Documentation Day.

1. Drivers License 1. Welfare/Child Care Records 1. Voter Registration
2. School Records 2. Federal Records
(Fed Tax/Social Security, etc.)
2. Utility Bill
3. Vechicle Records
(Registration/Lease, etc.)
3. State Record 3. Financial Records
(Loan/Credit/Investment, etc.)
4. Employment Records 4. Local (Municipal Records) 4. Medical Records
5. Insurance Documents 5. Support Payment Records 5. Internet/Cable/Satellite Records
  6. Homeowner/Tenant Records  
7. Military Records

NOTE:  Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill, and bank statement) constitute only ONE document.

Any documents submitted as proof of residence must show customary usage or consumption to demonstrate bona fide continuous habitation as determined by Little League Baseball, Inc. in its discretion.


School Waiver option allows you to provide a School Enrollment Form in lieu of Residency Verification (Option #1).  If your child attends any of the schools listed in the table below, then they are eligible to play in LMNLL via the School Waiver option. 

Lemon Elementary 8787 Lemon Ave, La Mesa, CA 91941 
Murdock Elementary4354 Conrad Dr, La Mesa, CA 91941
(La Mesa Campus)
5150 Wilson St. La Mesa, CA 91942
National University
Academy's Sparrow Charter
 4207 Spring Gardens Road, La Mesa, CA 91941


Please print this form and have your authorized School Faculty sign to verify that your child attends the school.  Once completed with a wet signature, the form will be collected and processed at Assessments/Documentation Day.

Download Form:  School Enrollment Form

** NOTE - You must be eligible via OPTION #1 or OPTION #2 to play in LMNLL.

Use the Little League Finder tool above to find the league for your residency or school.


IN ALL CASES (Option #1 or Option #2) An original or certified copy of a Player's Birth Certificate must be provided to the League for inclusion with the residency documents.  

This will not be retained by the League, but rather inspected and returned.


SeasonRegistration PeriodSeason Length
Spring Season (Main)November - Early JanuaryFeb - June
Fall SeasonJuly - AugustSept - Nov

Spring Season

Spring Season is the main season and can also be referred to as the regular season.   We have several events planned throughout the season, including fundraising events and Opening Day Ceremonies.

At the conclusion of the regular season, eligible divisions will get an opportunity to play in the post season Tournament of Champions (aka T.O.C.).   Each league determines their TOC winners who then are sent on to compete in the District 33 Tournament of Champions.  This is the tournament that crowns the best team in District 33.

All Stars are formed in the post season.  For each eligible division, players that have exhibited exceptional play during the season are selected to get a chance to compete in the Little League All Star tournaments.  Each successive tournament win will lead the team closer to  Williamsburg for a chance to play in the Little League World Series!!

Fall Season

Fall season is a developmental league that gives our players an opportunity to enhance their skills.  The season includes practices and inter-league games.  

One unique aspect of Fall Season is that all the games are inter-league games.  Unlike Spring Season, interleague gives our players a chance to play against other teams around the District, not only on our fields but other league fields as well.

With the focus on development, Fall Season does not have any All Stars or tournament games.  But don't worry, most coaches still have a team party at the end of the year!

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