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Volunteer Opportunities

The League is never at a loss for work required.  We offer many different ways that you can volunteer, including joining specialized committees to run events or to be a part of the regular season crew that helps to operate each and every game. 

We recommend to review the different opportunities there are to volunteer to see what opportunities fit best with what you like to do.  Below is a quick overview of some of the opportunities we have.


Our governing documents allow the league to form committees to help run the league.  In the past year, we have taken advantage of these committees to help run some of our events.  This approach has been highly successful, as the committees have been able to bear more of the workload for the event planning rather than the board taking it on.  The net result is a positive for everyone all the way around, as our events were bigger, better & more inclusive of our volunteers.  Our committees include:

  • Opening Day Committee
  • SnackBar Committee
  • Closing Day Committee
  • Special Committees (Formed as needed)

Opening & Closing Day Committees

Opening Day for Little League is filled with excitement and opportunity, as the season start is just moments away.   The Closing Day Ceremony provides a way to cap off the season and recognize players, coaches & parents for their achievements.  Each committee is responsible for planning & operating each respective event, with some guidance from the Board of Directors.  With an operating budget in hand, the committee is primed to bring the event to life for the league.

Special Committees

As needs arise, the league will form special committees to tackle special tasks or events. 

For 2023-2024, the league will form the Murdoch Field Committee.  This committee will be tasked with organizing and running the project to build out a practice field for LMNLL at Murdoch field.  Much work is needed to prep the field, obtain and deliver containers, etc.  Thus, we will need as many hands on deck that we can get.  Contact the league if you are interested in this committee


Pre-Season Volunteer Work Needed

Many of our opportunities to volunteer happen before the season even gets underway.  Some of the volunteer opportunities for pre-season include:

  • Assessments -- Mid January
    • On-Field Coaching/Help
    • Player Queuing Assistance
    • Document Verification
  • Caps Fundraiser Night -- Early February
    • Field Ushers
    • Payment Collection/Entry
    • Photography
  • Field Cleanup Day -- Late February
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Infield Maintenance
    • Snack Bar Training
    • Special Projects
  • Opening Day -- Early March
    • Snack Bar 
    • Event Staff Help

Season Volunteer Opportunities

During the season, much of the volunteer work is focused around preparing, running & closing baseball games.  The season opportunities are needed on an ongoing basis, as games are held on nearly all days of the week.  Because there is a consistent need throughout the season, volunteer opportunities can be scheduled ahead of time and around your personal calendar.

Snack Bar Shift3 Hours
Field Maintenance GeneralVaries
Gopher Task ForceVaries
Pre Game Field Prep1 Hour
Post Game Field Take Down1 Hour
Game Scorekeeper2 Hours
Game Pitch Counter2 Hours
Game Announcer2 Hours
Team ParentVaries
Team PhotographersVaries

Your Skill & Talent

Another way you can volunteer your time is by letting us know what skill or talent you would like to bring to the table.  We have had volunteers in the past that have worked in particular industries where we have needs where we have called upon their expertise to help us.  Some examples include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing 
  • Flooring/Construction
  • Golf Cart Repair
  • Scoreboard Repair
Reach out to us and let us know what you do & how you would like to help.  We are almost always in need of help in one way or another.  If we aren't in the current moment, then it will likely be a short time in the future where would need your help due to general maintenance needs.

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